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  1. I think i found a rendering bug or something like that in the AdvancementsScreen class. As far as I know, Forge adds a few things so that the AdvancementsScreen also works with more than just the vanilla advancements and adds buttons to navigate in the tab pages. But the super method during the render method isn't called so the buttons won't be rendered, it isn't game-breaking but i thought it wouldn't harm to report it. Code from AdvancementsScreen#render : public void render(PoseStack p_97361_, int p_97362_, int p_97363_, float p_97364_) { int i = (this.width - 252) / 2; int j = (this.height - 140) / 2; this.renderBackground(p_97361_); //SUPER METHOD MUST BE CALLED HERE FOR BUTTOSN TO RENDER if (maxPages != 0) { net.minecraft.network.chat.Component page = new net.minecraft.network.chat.TextComponent(String.format("%d / %d", tabPage + 1, maxPages + 1)); int width = this.font.width(page); this.font.drawShadow(p_97361_, page.getVisualOrderText(), i + (252 / 2) - (width / 2), j - 44, -1); } this.renderInside(p_97361_, p_97362_, p_97363_, i, j); this.renderWindow(p_97361_, i, j); this.renderTooltips(p_97361_, p_97362_, p_97363_, i, j); } Screenshot 1: vanilla AdvancementsScreen Screenshot 2: Custom AdvancementsScreen with the super method called durin render
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