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  1. this is what the directory should look like except replace where it says tutorial with minecraft
  2. Get rid of the needs_iron_tools folder you don’t need the folder, just the .json file
  3. never mind i realized the folder needed to be minecraft
  4. I created the files but it still doesnt work for me
  5. just to confirm i create a new file called pickaxe.json and needs_iron_tool.json
  6. I am still confused on how to write the code to add the tag
  7. Could you give me an example of adding a block to a tag i am a little confused on how to do it.
  8. how would i do that. Im new to modding and have the same problem.
  9. .harvestTool() isnt working in the code below: The block doesnt mine any faster if i use a pickaxe and it wont drop even if i use a pickaxe. I commented out .requiresCorrectToolForDrops() and it dropped so i know that the loottable works.
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