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  1. Solved, I deleted my configs and downloaded another fresh version and that seemed to fix the problem for some reason. Very odd.
  2. That log was apparently from me trying to test if my other profiles loaded up yesterday so I didn't worry about whatever mods I had loaded. After trying to run forge 1.16.5 again it looks like debug.log won't even update when launching that version.
  3. So I've run into a pretty strange issue. Whenever I try to run Forge 1.16.5, the game doesn't even begin to start, it just immediately crashes and sends me back to a launcher with an exit code 0 error. I've tried several other versions of Forge 1.16.5, same issue. With any other version this isn't a problem, including vanilla 1.16.5 and Forge 1.16.4. It's obviously not any particular mod that's an issue since there's no change when I try to run it with or without mods. I like to consider myself somewhat experienced in modding at this point but I'm beyond confused on what to do here. Help would be greatly appreciated, here's a pastebin with the launcher logs if it's helpful https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VrNh545xXj/
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