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  1. The Springfield Network About Us: We are a network of unique Minecraft servers that strive to provide a fun and modern experience for all players, free of charge! The Springfield Network started in 2016 as a city role-play server. However, as the years went by, we shifted focus towards offering different game-modes for players to play on. What We Offer: We have a Towny and Creative server, each with unique features and server themes. - Towny offers over 100+ Quests, 6 Custom Ranks (all available in-game), 25+ Pets/Minions, Player-Stores, Resource World, and much more. - Creative offers 100+ Cosmetics, 4 Custom Ranks, a GUI Menu (to access most commands), World Edit, Monthly Build Competitions, and much more! Minecraft Java Edition (1.16.5) IP: Springfield.serv.gs.
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