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  1. I think the best way is not think in the image, but to think in how to render a BufferedImage. Btw thanks for helping
  2. ResourceLocation only load images inside the mod .jar, i thought it could be a way to solve my problem
  3. yes Because my API only generates this outside the .jar
  4. I read in stackOverflow that i can't save a image inside a .jar. But i don't know if is possible. Because i generate the image outside the .jar. What I tring to do looks like rendering the icon image of the world inside the game, it is just an example, isn't the case I'm modding at eclipse, if I understand the question.
  5. put in the assets does't solve my problem because i need to save the image in a folder I cant save it inside the .jar
  6. Hello, I'm new at modding and recently I was trying to put a image, which is outside .jar, into a gui. But the far I got is load this image in a byte[] the transforme this in a BufferedImage. I search some foruns and thigs about how I could solve my problem, a part of them seems to transform the ImageBuffer into a intByte them use GL11 to render the image, but i cant make the image appear in my GUI. The other part seems to use DynamicTexture, but the questions is outdate (like 2014 or 2015) and the code seems to cheged. I think the most promising way to solve my problem is through GL11, but I am open to new ways and possibilties. I even tried to render this image with the JNA using GDI32, but ( because I'm a completely noob ) It doesn't work. The reason why I want a BufferedImage is because the image will uptade according to another API thata generates random images each time. This is why I can't put the image at resources. If anyone want any code for the gui. Thanks if you readed this far.
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