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  1. Everything is good now , thank you again you really helped me I couldn't find what was wrong without you
  2. Actually , yes but no , the texture when I place the block is here and I can break hit with the good pickaxe and it'll give me the block , but when I have it in my inventory , the name is block.mdg.ruby_block and it's invisible (But I can place it)
  3. Tysm for the help , I'm sure you'll soon be a really good programmer keep up the works you do and never give up , you are a nice person
  4. Oh , just put "." instead of ":" , that was a mistake so dumb from myself
  5. I launched the game , go in the world , but it tells me I can't because there is an error , in the console the errors are : Couldn't read tag list minecraft:needs_iron_tool from minecraft:tags/blocks/needs_iron_tool.json in data pack main com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: Missing values, expected to find a JsonArray Couldn't load tag minecraft:mineable/pickaxe as it is missing following references: minecraft:mdg.ruby_block (from main) Missing required tags: ResourceKey[minecraft:root / minecraft:block]:minecraft:mineable/pickaxe so the problem seems to be in pickaxe and needs_iron_tool but they should both be fine And hope you get replies on your thread , I can't help you with that i'm a complete noob as you can see
  6. I deleted the old SubscribeEvent and replaced it with the one you sent me , I also changed the ModBlocks by BlockInit and it don't show any errors now , thanks And what problems can it lead for creating tools ?
  7. Hey , first , thanks for your help and your explanation are very clear, but ModBlocks.RUBY_BLOCK.get() gives me an error Once again , thank you for the help I really appreciate it
  8. Hey , I make a topic because I created a block but when I try to break it with the needed tool , it takes a long time to break and don't drop the block , also the block has no texture, i've been trying to figure out what's wrong but I don't find if someone can help me here's my git repo : https://github.com/Sotsuu/Mod-MC/tree/main/MDG
  9. When i'm breaking the block with an iron pickaxe , the blocks takes a really long time to break and don't drop , also he has no texture but that's another problem I certainly messed up somewhere but yea , i will work on that later
  10. Oh yea my bad , but it's still not working , everything should be good
  11. It should be good now , sorry for that I thought with the link you could saw it, it's in public now
  12. What do I import in the git repo ? I mean what files do i put in ??
  13. What is a git repo ?? I think it's something from google as I saw on internet ? but I never used it and I don't know where I can instal it
  14. The exact path is on the screenshot , it's data/minecraft/tags/blocks/mineable/pickaxe.json and for need iron tool it's data/minecraft/tags/blocks/need_iron_tool.json
  15. My bad , I changed it but hum , still not working sadly
  16. It's still not working , the block takes a really long time to break and don't drop with an iron pickaxe i'm sooo lost
  17. Oh so I create a package name minecraft.tags.blocks.mineable.pickaxe and then create a pickaxe.json file in it and another package minecraft.tags.blocks.mineable.need_iron_tool and then create a need_iron_tool.json in it ??
  18. This is what I write , but it still don't work , I really don't understand what i'm doing wrong
  19. So what do I need to write in pickaxe.json ?? I searched for so long and I can't find anything that would help me
  20. Oh my bad I meant in pickaxe.json not need iron tool
  21. Like this ?? I can't write just the block or it tell me there is an error
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