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  1. Thanks a lot. And also for the little side note Just one question... why do they have to be in one class? I know that the block needs to be registered before the item so as long as I take care of that it should be fine, right? Or is this some best practice? If you got any further advice I'll take them Have a nice rest of the day
  2. Thanks for the reply. The Registration and all that stuff is working and I'm doing it like you said. I split it up into multiple classes and not all in one. I can see my items/blocks ingame. But the item got this purple/black texture.
  3. Hello, when I try to render an item for a block it complains that it can't find the texture. The block is rendered fine and working but the item seems to be unable to find the texture. If the texture is NOT in a subfolder it's working for the item too. Here some screenshot I think are helpful to get a clear view of what I have. Here is where the item of the block get its texture: Here is the folder structure of the textures. As I mentioned before, when I put "block/generator_front" into the "new ResourceLocation()" and put the png file directly under "/block" and not "block/generator" it works. This is where the block is rendered and is getting its texture: And of course the error that is been thrown: Thanks for any help.
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