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  1. Yes but it has no effect when I do /op because im already an operator but I can't use commands 😐
  2. Ok so what am I supposed to do cause for now there isn't any mod but I'm gonna add mods on the server when it's gonna work. I removed all the mods on my side and on the server and it didn't worked. Maybe my server.properties isn't correct ? #Minecraft server properties #Thu Oct 21 18:17:44 EDT 2021 spawn-protection=16 max-tick-time=60000 query.port=25565 generator-settings= sync-chunk-writes=true force-gamemode=false allow-nether=true enforce-whitelist=false gamemode=survival broadcast-console-to-ops=true enable-query=false player-idle-timeout=0 text-filtering-config= difficulty=easy spawn-monsters=true broadcast-rcon-to-ops=true op-permission-level=4 pvp=true entity-broadcast-range-percentage=100 snooper-enabled=true allow-cheats=true level-type=biomesop hardcore=false enable-status=true enable-command-block=true max-players=20 network-compression-threshold=256 resource-pack-sha1= max-world-size=29999984 function-permission-level=4 rcon.port=25575 server-port=25565 server-ip= spawn-npcs=true allow-flight=false level-name=Serveur view-distance=10 resource-pack= spawn-animals=true white-list=false rcon.password= generate-structures=true max-build-height=256 online-mode=true level-seed= prevent-proxy-connections=false use-native-transport=true enable-jmx-monitoring=false enable-rcon=false rate-limit=0 motd=Bienvenue dans le serveur de PatateDouce45
  3. LIke what is a vaniila client ? Is it that the player join without mods ?
  4. I've just connected to the server and did some commands (the debug log is still of the same date) latest.log: https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/460eaf349911072cb82e161100f68b43 2021-10-20-1.log.gz: https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/81ed42c1ac6e25babec4a884d5c8983f
  5. The debug log is from 2021-09-16 is this what you want ?
  6. Whenb I try to use commands, only these commands works: /help, /list, /me, /msg, /teammsg, /tell, /tm, /trigger and /w I tried to op myself and it worked but I still can't use commands. It's a 1.16.5 forge server without mods for now and this is my server.properties: https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/226ae07838428bf282dc063b73e0acd0
  7. When I join my minecraft server, my game freeze and crash I don't know what is causing it It's a forge server, I have about 30 mods im in 1.16.5 :https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/336cfa9457fb8cc3fd0161d27e745fbd
  8. I noticed that every mod I removed was 1.16.4 yet when I downloaded them they were all 1.16.5 so I removed all 1.16.4 mods and it worked. Guess I must have downloaded the mods wrong?
  9. I removed mutantbeasts and I copied my minecraft mods to the server mods : https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/2a62577667291dd141d88adc12eb8525
  10. I've tried without betterendforge and I got the same error : https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/734b56b4a56ad1b93d49bcc5c116b6de
  11. Thats my debug.log: https://gist.github.com/PatateDouce45/d4caddbd4e2be3d251593d8a0be1cee1
  12. When i'm connecting to my server, I get this error: Incomplete set of tags received from server. Please contact server operator. But in singleplayer mode, I don't get any error even if it's the same mods. What did I have to do ?
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