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  1. hi i just fixed it anyway so THANKS FOR NOTHING DIESIEBEN and thanks poopoodice i really apreacite the highlight
  2. oh wow thanks for this life changing advice man , listen i don't know whats your problem bro but if you don't want to help or at least guide with clear instructions then don't waste your time trash talking , wtf is Learn basic java even mean??? if you don't have something meaningful to say just don't reply at all this will be better than mocking beginners just because you know how to code
  3. yes i can see that thank you but what is the solution for this ??
  4. hi this is my code im having an issue with pig.getLastDamageSource().getTrueSource() this method causes minecraft to crash on me when either i (the player) kill a pig and sometimes when the creeper explode i tried fixing the issue for 40 minutes and couldnt really fix it
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