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  1. CASPIAN NETWORK IN NEED OF STAFF What is Caspian Network? Caspian Network is a Survival and Factions Minecraft Server, we launched in April therefore we are fairly new. Recently we haven't spent too much time on recruiting staff due to the demand in-game. In multiple opinions we have the potential and quality to grow and fly-high amongst other competitors. Numerous features give us this strong opinion such as Bedrock and Java compatibility, Premium Plugins and a fast lag-free host. With over 18GB of RAM and a Ryzen 9 3900x Processor our server is hard to compete against other new servers. The responsibility that comes with this quality is that we need a experienced and professional set of staff that can monitor the new players we receive on the daily. What we need from you? As said in the previous section we are looking for genuine and passionate individuals that will really show an impact. We expect a minimum amount of 4 hours+ playtime and shifts will be calculated when the majority of the staff team is formed. Our minimum age limit is 14 no less! Other than that we don't have any significant requirements in terms of age and playtime. Positions available will be listed below, although every staff member will start off as Helper until proven that that they can be promoted. Positions: - Developer x1 - Manager x1 - Admin x2 - Moderator x3 - Helper x3 What can you expect? Currently our server is growing gradually and therefore there wont be an instant explosion of activity like you can expect from servers that have been up for years. Our biggest advantage we can see from up and coming staff members is belief in the server and patience that the server will grow slowly but surely. We ensure that there will always be jobs and tasks that a staff member will need to complete so no boredom will be present! Finally, as of now the server budget cannot afford staff wages although it would be ideal in the future, unfortunately currently no payments will be made for staff below Admin. Conclusion We take all our applications and requests seriously so if any questions need to be asked before applying make sure to contact us on the socials listed below. Goodluck, ihben (Owner of The Caspian Network) Server Discord: https://discord.gg/yaqQ8aCpQS Owners Discord: benn#0410 Server Website: www.caspian.website Server Email: caspiannetworkmc@gmail.com
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