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  1. IP Address: Dungeonwars.apexmc.co Why to Join: Dungeon Wars SMP is a SMP with dungeons and special items and enchants and is a new server welcoming brand new players. Info: The plugins are all preinstalled onto the server so you can use just normal Minecraft 1.17.1 to run it or a client. These mods include a economy system which uses coins as a currency and is accessed by /shop. There are also dungeons which contain bosses which can drop really good stuff depending on what level they are. The last three mods are /em which brings up a GUI of all of the dungeons (Teleports you to them) and shows gear strength, /skills which shows the player the different skills and abilities they have, skills include mining, farming, foraging and many more, and /teams is how you can create a team with other players. Rules: There aren't much rules to the server apart from no lag machines, no duping items and no hacking. The server has a anticheat which can detect many different types of mods like flight, speed etc. Base griefing is allowed and keep inventory is off so you can steal other players items. Discord: https://discord.gg/92aKGZUACX Hope to see you join soon
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