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  1. public static void getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem(ItemFrameEntity item, World world) throws IOException { if(item.getItem().sameItem(new ItemStack(Items.FILLED_MAP))){ fileCount++; File file = new File("anything", "data" + fileCount + ".dat"); try { MapData nbt = FilledMapItem.getOrCreateSavedData(item.getItem(), world); assert nbt != null; CompressedStreamTools.writeCompressed(nbt.serializeNBT(), file); System.out.println("done"); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } Now I just get error that it cant serialize the data java.lang.NullPointerException [19:59:33] [Render thread/INFO] [STDERR/]: [me.hakak.entityfindmod.commands.findItemFrames:getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem:63]: at net.minecraft.world.storage.MapData.save(MapData.java:160) [19:59:33] [Render thread/INFO] [STDERR/]: [me.hakak.entityfindmod.commands.findItemFrames:getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem:63]: at net.minecraft.world.storage.WorldSavedData.serializeNBT(WorldSavedData.java:63) [19:59:33] [Render thread/INFO] [STDERR/]: [me.hakak.entityfindmod.commands.findItemFrames:getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem:63]: at me.hakak.entityfindmod.commands.findItemFrames.getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem(findItemFrames.java:60)
  2. So how do I get the data. Is there other way?
  3. I just need that for getting the image from map itself. I get the nbt data then get the image.
  4. Here is the code List<Entity> itemFrames = world.getEntities(player, axisalignedBB); for (Entity entity: itemFrames) { if(entity.getType() == EntityType.ITEM_FRAME){ ItemFrameEntity Item_Frame = (ItemFrameEntity) entity; getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem(Item_Frame, file); } } And here is the getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem public static void getNBTDataFromItemFrameItem(ItemFrameEntity item, File file) throws IOException { if(item.getItem().sameItem(new ItemStack(Items.FILLED_MAP))){ Item map_item = item.getItem().getItem(); CompoundNBT nbt = map_item.getDefaultInstance().serializeNBT(); CompressedStreamTools.writeCompressed(nbt, file); } } But I have a problem with getting the nbt data of map item.
  5. I had already found the entities and had list of them. I casted because ItemFrameEntity had getItem function and with that I found the item.
  6. Oh thanks now I got it ItemFrameEntity has getItem function so I had to just cast it to ItemFrameEntity.
  7. Yes I understand. I found entities and I have the list of them. They are Entity type.
  8. Hi I'm new to mod programming. I am making mod where you need to get map that is in item frame. Now I just need to get the map and then grab it's NBT data but I can't get the item in item frame.
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