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  1. Hi People, The way Minecraft is designed, it allows for other users to develop mods to enhance or change the game play. Feed the Beast is a mod-pack containing several of the more popular and well designed mods for Minecraft. They work well with each other and provide the users with a lot more tools than what the vanilla game can provide. That being said there's a steep learning curve attached with playing anything non-vanilla. Comments !!
  2. I want a new laptop to play Minecraft. I already have Minecraft on a laptop, but it's on my dad's work laptop. So I have to wait all day to play Minecraft. Please tell me what laptop I should get that works well with Minecraft. Thanks
  3. For a while now i have been irritated by the fact that when you make a texture pack out of multiple people's textures, you cannot let someones else download it because it is pirating. a few days ago, i came up with a simple solution. here it is... The mod would essentially combine several different texture packs as defined by a text file, which may be uploaded without any threat of infringement. the assembler would then look at the text file, and mix and match the necessary parts of the texture packs (which would have to be downloaded manually) into your own texture pack. the text file would define which parts of terrain.png to use, which pumpkin blur to use, which parts of particles.png, etc. i think everyone would be happy with this. the original texture packs would be downloaded as intended, the text file is the property of the one uploading it, and you can get the custom texture pack of anyone on youtube without being a pirate. if anyone can make this please do. since i have no youtube channel or anything you dont even have to give me mention. this program would go viral fast.
  4. Hi there, Am getting more and more enjoyed craft.wcloudhosting.com !! Join me for great challenges !!
  5. Hiii Do you agree with this : "Minecraft is basically how you can build entire civilizations while still doing nothing productive"
  6. Hi there, Actually am new here and am playing Minecraft with my friends since 5 months!! Since i wanted to buy my own server, many advised me to look at wcloudhosting.com; they assumed that they already have a large grid of servers that would made me satisfied!!! Frankly i am almost experienceless, so am here to get few advices from all!! Thank you so much, I will be grateful for all answers!!
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