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  1. @diesieben07, Server did not start, but not a crash though. Here is the log from command console during start: => Bonk! Those errors also stay: Errors that did not end up in the command prompt log 1 Errors that did not end up in the command prompt log 2 Also I can try to debug running via admin server, and send you the logs, if needed (maybe some health issues can be found there too...๐Ÿ™ˆ)
  2. @diesieben07 Thanks a lot! Should I try to delete it via admin account and restart server? (I still can run it if I'm admin on a server, and run all commands from console) Or should I keep it as it is? (Losing data is not a problem, because a goal is actually to have a clean working server that is running properly) Also I'm still suspicious that this mod is not the root cause of the problem that prevents me to use /op command properly ๐Ÿค•
  3. @DaemonUmbra, I was hoping to re-do it and then it all began..server does not go up anymore, unless I run it under admin account (starts only on 2nd time though. First time - stops with error) Here are the errors: (unfortunately for some of them i was not able to mark and copy them - command prompt does not allow marking by that time, so only screenshots ๐Ÿ˜“) (Screenshots) Errors that did not end up in the command prompt log 1 Errors that did not end up in the command prompt log 2 (Logs) Command prompt log prior to crash Crash report saved by server All the builds that I was using - had the same mods and no changes to environment were performed. Couple of words about environment: Windows Server 2012 Version 6.3 Build 9600 fresh install. Only thing I've done: installed Java 8, then installed 16, and then uninstalled 8. After that ran an installation of Forge Server (from official website). Also did couple of things with Firewall for the port forwarding
  4. @DaemonUmbra, Good day again Sorry for the inconvenience! First of all - my sincere thanks for your willingness to help, really-really appreciate it! I'm very new to this all minecraft thematic, as well to the server topics, therefore still eager (but maybe sometimes also too hasty) to learn. Hope helping me does not bother you very much, sir! Here are the logs: => Bonk! (hastebin)
  5. @DaemonUmbra, good day! Please, find my copied debug log here (Google docs) Also those lines are looking weird too: (may it be related?) https://ibb.co/BGgRfg1
  6. @DaemonUmbra Thank you, sir! I've re-done the installation, transferred the world data, and now it works properly with any account! BUT! (why there's always a but ๐Ÿ˜’) On a new version, that I run now - i cannot /op promote anyone (please see the screenshot).
  7. Sorry, forgot my password immediately after registering (I'm bad lol). Now got recovered. On topic: What do you mean I should not run it as admin? Thing is - for me it only works when I run as admin ๐Ÿ˜… How did I achieve? I did run both as admin and not as admin on non-admin account. Server starts only when I log in under admin account itself. Otherwise - i get those error messages Run as non-admin under non-admin account and Run as admin under non-admin account (but admin credentials)
  8. Really appreciate your advice. The error stayed the same, but I've tried to log in as admin and run the .bat, and it worked. Previously I was using non-admin account, just running the bat file under admin credentials. After installation finished, switching back to account still didn't affect the error. It seems to run the server one has to log in as admin account.
  9. Good day everyone! Sorry for posting this, unfortunately got an error, quite simular to the one that saw on the forum, but slightly different though. Got 16 installed, that's why I'm a bit confused (Installed version of java is: Java(TM) SE Development Kit 16.0.2 (64-bit)) Please advise what am I doing wrong
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