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  1. I got this data by simulating f3 + i on a horse: https://pastebin.com/xYV6BnwY and i want to get the "minecraft:horse.jump_strength", "minecraft:generic.movement_speed" and the Health from it. because it is not a json obj I dont know how to do this. can anyone help me? If you dont want to click the link: /summon minecraft:horse -1362.29 4.06 629.97 {AgeLocked: 0b, Brain: {memories: {}}, Owner: [I; -1141991392, -659732463, -1488572609, 946709578], HurtByTimestamp: 411226, Tame: 1b, Attributes: [{Base: 0.6385464819796373d, Name: "minecraft:horse.jump_strength"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "minecraft:generic.knockback_resistance"}, {Base: 0.29481284127402196d, Name: "minecraft:generic.movement_speed"}, {Modifiers: [{Amount: -0.022192265715227574d, Operation: 1, UUID: [I; 1645529546, -1926215683, -1471568656, -790219063], Name: "Random spawn bonus"}, {Amount: 0.028244813972332285d, Operation: 1, UUID: [I; 786617877, 923357088, -1811269106, 1727746755], Name: "Random spawn bonus"}], Base: 16.0d, Name: "minecraft:generic.follow_range"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "minecraft:generic.armor_toughness"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "minecraft:generic.attack_knockback"}, {Base: 22.0d, Name: "minecraft:generic.max_health"}, {Base: 0.0d, Name: "minecraft:generic.armor"}], Invulnerable: 0b, ForcedAge: 0, FallFlying: 0b, AbsorptionAmount: 0.0f, PortalCooldown: 0, Bred: 0b, FallDistance: 0.0f, ArmorItem: {id: "minecraft:diamond_horse_armor", Count: 1b}, InLove: 0, EatingHaystack: 0b, DeathTime: 0s, WorldUUIDMost: 12052567091989111L, Bukkit.Aware: 1b, HandDropChances: [0.085f, 0.085f], PersistenceRequired: 1b, Spigot.ticksLived: 999708, Age: 0, Motion: [0.0d, -0.0784000015258789d, 0.0d], Leash: {X: -1364, Y: 4, Z: 627}, Health: 22.0f, Bukkit.updateLevel: 2, Paper.SpawnReason: "DEFAULT", LeftHanded: 0b, OnGround: 1b, Air: 300s, Rotation: [34.437782f, -2.2117527f], HandItems: [{}, {}], Variant: 515, ArmorDropChances: [0.085f, 0.085f, 0.0f, 0.085f], Bukkit.MaxDomestication: 100, ArmorItems: [{}, {}, {id: "minecraft:diamond_horse_armor", Count: 1b}, {}], Fire: -1s, Temper: 20, CanPickUpLoot: 0b, SaddleItem: {id: "minecraft:saddle", Count: 1b}, HurtTime: 0s, WorldUUIDLeast: -8327763081419818454L, Paper.Origin: [2784.3232421875d, 5.0d, -1318.3232421875d]}
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