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  1. OMG! That worked! Thank you! That was so simple and stupid... I have spent a day for searches... Thank you so much! Well, what if I want to change not vanilla chest? Like, chest of another mod? Or if I even want to make my own chest?
  2. I'm currently trying to change vanilla's bonus chest loot.
  3. Well, could you please share some example or more detailed explanation? I have done some research after I had read your answer. And I have found that there are exist data providers but I have not found any examples of using that mechanism for changing chest loot tables. I have tried to implement it by myself but then I struggled. In ChestLootTables class which I have tried to extend that use resource location (path to loot table file I suppose) but it also build that loot table by that own with some kind of builder. So I can't get wheter I should use loot table json file or just built it in code in some way. I don't understand anything at all now.
  4. Hello! That topic was discussed a lot there but I still can't find a solution. I have searched through a lot of topics here and even more links in google but I still can't get how to set up custom loot table. I have tried to change loot in bonus chest as a training before realizing an initial idea but without success. I have tried some ways I have found in my searches: 1) set up new loot table on LootTableLoadEvent: chest spawned empty; after some searches I have found that way is kind of deprecated and unwelcome; 2) some answers was like "just put json in right folder"; I have put my json (I will paste it lower) at src\main\resources\data\cupiditas\loot_tables\chests\spawn_bonus_chest.json - that did nothing, the chest was neither empty nor filled with desired items. 3) I guess most proper way to do that is mightly Loot Modification. I have pretty clearely got how to use it with items, but it's not clear for me how to use it with chests and I haven't found any examples with chests. My JSON: I would really appreciate if you point me to the right direction. Thank you in advance!
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