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  1. its the drive letter where the server is saved
  2. also there is no log in the "logs" folder about this either.
  3. this only worked when i did it via powershell, nothing was happening by itself
  4. im getting an error https://pastebin.com/gHbXKBbh
  5. oh... Let me check if i run that if the mods work
  6. from here i run minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar, This is my mods folder server side if that changes anything These are the mods i have client side then i launch minecraft
  7. i can send ss and logs if u need
  8. So i am trying to make a Minecraft forge server hosted on my pc for me and my friends. I am quite new to making a forge server but have created a few spigot and paper servers before. So i have all my mods (server-side) saved in the "mods" folder in the server files. All the mods which require server-side mods are saved in my "mods" folder in my .Minecraft folder. i have the latest version of Forge 1.16.5 on both my server and client-side. So what happens is if i turn on my server and client side, when the server starts and i log into the server (using localhost they are both on the same pc) i cannot use my mods, they do show and i can obtain the items, if i try to place them - they don't work. they essentially place (client side i think) then disappear, i cannot interact with them as they have disappeared. I can provide logs etc. etc. also i am using Azul OpenJDK 16.0.2 if that makes a difference. Also all the mods *are* compatible with 1.16.5. Any help would be appreciated.
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