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  1. theres no need ive found the code i need, thanks for the help
  2. ive already tried asking on the discord but i was told it has nothing to do with forge
  3. like the title implies, i would like to know how can i make multiple mob variants, similar to llamas and rabbits which change their texture when they spawn
  4. thanks for the documents but that isnt what i need, i already have them i just want to know why i cant load my world
  5. can you please at least help instead of just telling me to learn java? i did start learning java but jesus christ
  6. So im working on a mod and i go test it, i make a world spawn a couple of illager mobs but then, i try to rejoin and the world is stuck at 100% generation, my log says its preparing the spawn area https://pastebin.com/T33NyyB7 heres my debug.log file
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