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  1. Also you guys have said you wanted to do this years before but hosts were too lazy or something. So how long ago in forge versions was it that you wanted to do this? Also if you don't like answering don't answer.
  2. Yes, but server hosts that have it the old way and now have to support both ways if users want older versions. It just make it harder and longer to work with. Take for example ptero eggs that support the old way for now if they want to support both ways then the installation would have to check the version for that specific version so it can use the new way to run the version. You can make two eggs but that just is a bit bad. Some hosts don't use eggs and rely on scripts that look for jars instead to work.
  3. Okay, is it secure and can the code be copied to another file for usage or it has to be that exact file?
  4. I don't know what this is but can someone clarify why the location of the server jar is inside the libraries directory and not outside like it was before? Has something changed and is it possible to revert back to how it was without breaking anything?
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