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  1. Not directly related to your answer, but does that mean, if I want to make an Obsidian Block into a projectile (extend projectile class), whilst retaining its default properties, I am out of luck and I have to "mess with internals"? Maybe there is a way to unregister default Minecraft blocks and add fake ones? Impostors of sort.
  2. Neat! Thank you! withExistingParent(Registration.CUSTOMBOW.get().getRegistryName().getPath(), Blocks.OBSIDIAN.getRegistryName()); Simply getting RegistryName was enough. Tho it raises more questions. Does registry name always link to a texture resource? What about animations and vertice data? I will have to google up more info on that topic.
  3. Good day. I am new to Minecraft modding. For a first project I decided it to be something simple - projectile launching tool. What I want to do, is to have a "bow", that looks like Obsidian block and "fires" off other obsidian blocks. I've implemented "ProjectileWeaponItem" class and made myself a custom bow, but I struggle with the model. I want to use Obsidian model skin that the player would see naturally spawn. I attempting to use BlockState blockState = Blocks.OBSIDIAN.defaultBlockState(); BakedModel bakedModel = Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockRenderer().getBlockModel(blockState); I googled out some info and it lead me to mingling with "baked models" and etc. But I don't think it's what I need, as I simply need a path to feed to code line bellow, as a "ResourceLocation" parameter. Or even use existing object and feed it back in. withExistingParent(Registration.CUSTOMBOW.get().getRegistryName().getPath(), new ResourceLocation(Tutorial.MODID, "block/demo")); So the question would be - which classes are responsible for storing resource paths to default Minecraft resources and how to interact with those?
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