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  1. Hello i find the solution, I just change the version of the Mod Pack for an oldest
  2. Hello, it may have some translation cores because I use google translation. Yesterday I launched the application Curse forge to be able to launch the modpack ATM 6 To The Sky But when i tried to connect in to my solo world it give me a message "Incomplete set of tags received from server". I don't really understand beacause it's a SOLO world. So i tried to change the version of Forge for the new version, copy my world, reinstall the whole pack and past my world in the folders but it didn't work. I tried to create a new map and it worked perfectly fine. There is no crash or something like that it's just don't let me connect to my world. If there’s any information I’m willing to provide them. If someone has already encountered this problem and found a solution I would be happy to read it.
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