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  1. Hm, i try use it, but it doesn't work. if(commandContext.getSource().getLevel().isClientSide) { Minecraft.getInstance().setScreen(new TextGUI(new StringTextComponent("name"), new StringTextComponent("...test text..."))); } It's should activate in my command function ( /screen )
  2. mappings channel: 'official', version: '1.16.5'
  3. The method displayGuiScreen(TextGUI) is undefined for the type Minecraft It's 1.16.5 version(official snapshot)
  4. Hello! I start create temp screen, but I can't use Minecraft.getInstance().displayGuiScreen(...) in my mod. I use official snapshot. Where is displayGuiScreen(...)?
  5. @Luis_ST I want that when a player buys my item from a merchant, the villager is destroyed
  6. Is there a forge event for successful trading with a villager? I searched but did not find anything similar
  7. I'm working on a gui for config, but I found that SliderPercentageOption doesn't work for Float, is it possible to use it for Float?
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