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  1. there it is thanks in advance http://pastebin.com/QMCsj2tQ
  2. i have exactly this : this.moveSpeed = 0.80F;
  3. This function is used to know if the item itself is getting damages and has to be broken or not, isn't it ? I'm not sure to understand this function, is this the correct one to make my sword to be used like a shield (i want if i'm using it in armor position, it blocks almost all damages i could take from mobs). Thanks
  4. Hi all, I made a custom sword, extended of ItemSword, and i would like to know how may i increase its blocking effect when i'm on an armor Position (when you right click). The classic sword blocks small damage, how can i make mine blocks more ? Thanks !
  5. already tried, i tried 0,50F, 0,99F, 999F always the same result = my mob doesn't go faster than the classic zombie
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to change my custom mob move speed. It's a mob extending the EntityZombie class, i just add some healt & armor, but i can't manage how to change his move speed. I tried to change this.moveSpeed value but without result. So, how can i make my zombie to move faster ? Thanks !!!
  7. ah ok, i didn't know . So when i want to use a mod, i have to install it both on the client and the server ?
  8. what i did : i just installed the lastest src forge sources, install it and then decompile it. i coded my new item, recompiled it and tested it in solo mode, all is ok. But on multiplayer server, i can't get it in my inventory, even if the craft itself works fine. What kind of exemple do you need ? do i have to post my classes here ? Thanks a lot !
  9. Hi all, I made a mod, which is working fine in solo mode, but if i try it on one of my server, my custom item appears on my crafting table but impossible to get it in my inventory. Do i need something special to make it working in multiplayer mode ? i just patched my minecraft.jar client with the latest forge universal archive, and put my mod in it (after recompiling through mcp). Any help ? Thanks !
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