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  1. Hi everyone! Figments SMP is a Java-based, semi-vanilla, survival-mode server using 1.17.1 edition. This server is supposed to bring players together through factions, kingdoms, wars, etc.! Or, you can simply build, collect, grind, and remain neutral! All player styles are welcome and we would love to add unique and interesting individuals to the server to help spice up the lore. I can ensure you will have a lot of fun while playing this server and make some awesome friends along the way. This server is looking for long-term participants (content-creators, minecrafters, etc.) to stay and enjoy the various seasons that we will continue. Currently, we just began Season 1, which is a fantasy-based theme. So what is Figments? Figments is a fantasy-based server utilizing every player's own imagination to make the server thrive with wonders and creations. A "figment" of your imagination if you will. Just to give you an idea, some examples of factions and kingdoms present include: Vikings, fairies, wizards, dwarves, etc.! In this server, we also host fun events for all to partake in if they wish to do so. Some events that are upcoming include: Scavenger hunts, minigames, etc.! This server offers a friendly atmosphere with all the fun SMP aspects such as wars, alliances, treaties, etc.! If this sounds like a place you'd like to join, please fill out the application below. Filling out this application just allows us to see what you can bring to the server, how you can help participate in the community, and a chance to show off some of your most awesome builds if you have some! Check out the link below, fill it out, and keep an eye out on your Discord/E-mail for a response back. Have friends? Invite them to fill out the application too! Thank you for considering this server! Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKUMP7B5z2TYlh9GGZfubbzaJd_8HJTIc8rixIZXKmWw1vOw/viewform
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