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  1. I used the translator. Please understand that the sentence is awkward. I want to make a block that breaks when I step on it. - Can you set it as the nature of the block itself? - Or what kind of event should we use? - Is this action possible on the server side? Please give me some advice!
  2. In mode, there is a client-only instruction called A. Since command A is not a server command, if the server forces the plug-in to enter it with a dispatch command, etc., it will only come out as a command that does not exist. However, when the player inputs it directly, it recognizes it as a client command and inputs it normally. In this way, I want to force the server to make it as if the player had entered it himself.
  3. There is a client-only command in the mode, and the server wants to force the user to enter it. ClientCommandHandler.instance.executeCommand I found the following phrase, but I realized that it was not appropriate to use it as a server command. Does anyone know how to do this? * It might be a little sloppy because I used a translator.
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