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  1. Yeah, I'm getting bored of placing blocks -- it would be more fun to draw up plans and program block placement with for/while/if/switch/etc. statements. lmao ,,ScriptCraft'' 100% mod already exists . . . So simple implementation right? Prototype ScriptCraft functions: public int placeBlock( Point p, BlockID id ) public Array<Pair<Point><BlockID>> parseScript(File foundation.sc) Minecraft Education Edition [1] exists already (Microsoft release which does literally this -- but, with no-code: i.e., dragging and dropping pre-written/existing code). I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of such a mod already existing . . . If not, I'd welcome any leads on where the path to modding begins . . . (I'm imagining this combined into the game with a computer mod so can sit down in minecraft world at minecraft computer and open unix shell to write ScriptCraft in. lmao And then one can ,,execute'' the file in-game similar to other minecraft consumables.) [1] https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Education_Edition
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