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  1. It fires a couple times, including when you load an existing save, which is when I make all of my modifications. But I understand what you mean now, and I can see why that would make a modification such as the one I suggested difficult. Oh well... Hey thanks @diesieben07 for the technical replies. I appreciate the consideration!
  2. Thank you! That makes sense. You don't think there's any way that the server directory can be deduced at that point, allowing a potential future version of Forge to pre-load the configs before the server is loaded? I'm aware of how ignorant that question probably sounds, we are steering away from my area of understanding.
  3. That's quite a shame considering world-gen is purely server-side. A client distribution may have many saves, and each save has its own server config file that contains logical-server related settings. This allows different saves to have different settings. This is, as I understand it, one of the main reasons that they switched to the current server/common/client config system. Of all of the configuration settings to be able to change on a per-world basis, I would expect world-gen to be one of them, considering all of the various world-gen options vanilla Minecraft allows you to change on a per-world basis. The entire configuration subsystem was added by Forge. I don't think that simply making a suggestion on the config load order of a modding platform is unreasonable. Humor me and point me in the right direction?
  4. Luis_ST gave me a summary of my own post with less punctuation. I did not receive an answer, as the common config is not a suitable solution. As I mentioned, using common config does not allow world-gen configuration on a per-world/per-save basis. If, however, it is the only solution, then I asked in my OP if there is a proper line of communication I may use to suggest a change in the Forge event execution order. Sorry if I sounded curt
  5. If the following is true: Using a "SERVER" config is the official way to build configuration files that only affect the logical server (like world generation). Using the BiomeLoadingEvent is the official way to add features and modify biome generation. Then you would expect SERVER config files to be loaded prior to the BiomeLoadingEvent event firing. However, it seems that the opposite is true, and SERVER configurations are not accessible during the BiomeLoadingEvent. Because of this, it seems that most people are reverting to using the COMMON configuration for their mod's generation settings. Towers of the Wild and OreTweaker are two examples of this. However, this route does not allow users to tweak these generation settings on a world-by-world basis. World generation is, in my opinion, one of the most important things to be able to configure. Since it's such a pain to remove things after they have already been generated, it is important to be able to turn on and off certain features or structures. Let me know if anything I have said is incorrect, or if a known workaround exists. If not, I'd like to post this suggestion through the correct communication channels. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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