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  1. Ok now it's working i let my recipe in the the same path but i add the recipe book json thanks for the help
  2. this is the location for the json to unlock the craft in the recipe book, not for the recipe itself. I try to put my recipe in this path it don't work
  3. https://github.com/xaros74/testModAddonForCreate here it is
  4. Oh ok i was thinking that it says create load BEFORE my mod but it's the opposite😅 But it still doesn't work (I have rerun the gradlew gen). The recipe is shown as create:crafting/kinetics/cogwheel. I put my cogwheel.json in resources/data/create/recipes/crafting/kinetics. Is that correct?
  5. It doesn't work😭 i put the modified json in the same relative path (resources\data\create\recipes\crafting\kinetics) and i modifed the dependency i don't understand what's going wrong. Create build his recipes in the code maybe this is the problem? Here is the dependency for the mod in my toml file. [[dependencies.testmod]] modId="create" mandatory=true versionRange="[mc1.16.5_v0.3.2d,)" ordering="BEFORE" side="BOTH"
  6. Hi, i want to create an addon for Create who add cogwheel with all the vanilla wood texture. But the recipe for the cogwheel in create use the tag: minecraft.buttons how can i replace it to use instead just one item so i could use the same pattern for my cogwheel but with a different type of button ? PS: i apologize if my english is bad i'm french 😅
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