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  1. I am creating a new custom boss. I want to make it immune to shulker bullets and explosions in general. There is another boss I created and I want it to be immune to ALL projectiles, even ones from other mods. Maybe using a tag. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you in advance.
  2. I want it that when the player is blocking with a shield and is then hit by my custom entity, the shield is disarmed. I've been looking at the axe code but it did not help.
  3. I have fixed this error thank you for replying tho
  4. I am currently coding a mod for 1.16.4. After hours of trying to figure out how to animate, I decided to use GeckoLib in BlockBench. I put the dependency in build.gradle but when I wrote GeckoLib.initialize(); in my mod constructor, it did not work. I've been trying to get this to work for hours. If anyone knows how to fix it, please do tell me. All help is appreciated.
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