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  1. Thank you for your reply! At first, the property changed only in server side, so I used SynchedEntityData, then it worked!!
  2. Thanks to this forum, I succeeded to summon my own entity. Now I want to control it by command, but can not access to it. MyEntity.java has a property, ‘isFlying’ like this: public class MyEntity extends Animal { public boolean isFlying = false; … } And I want to change the flag by command like these, of course failed (showed no error message): data merge entity @e[type=mymod:myentity, limit=1, name="myentity"] {isFlying: 1b} data merge entity @e[type=mymod:myentity, limit=1, name="myentity"] {Attributes: [{Name:"generic.isFlying", Base:1b}]} Any good way to change the flag of the entity object? Thanks in advance.
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