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  1. Alright, I believe I may have discovered what my issue was. It seems that when overworld biomes are generated in underground dimensions (the dimension in question is underground), their feature generation doesn't seem to play very nice with the chunk structure (it is 256 blocks high). As of right now, I have my dimension generating the Nether Wastes biome right now and I have been exploring it for over an hour now without any issue. To anyone who happens to have this issue when creating an underground dimension in the future, don't use overworld biomes in it (especially if the chunk is 256 blocks tall). Thank for your help Luis_ST.
  2. And I think my thread hanging issue may have had to do with the fact that villages were trying generate in my dimension (I need to investigate this more). In my BiomeProvider, I removed all the biomes associated with villages and Minecraft seemed to stopped hanging, however I still need to investigate the memory leak that causes my system's OOM killer to kick in and kill Minecraft.
  3. Alright, when I get a chance, I'll convert all my Feature objects to RegistryObject<Feature> and all of my ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> objects to Supplier<ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>> objects. Do you think that could be a contributor to my issue?
  4. Alright Luis_ST, here is my debug information: Debug log and thread dump Debug screen at time of server thread hang VisualVM heap monitor at time of server thread hang: Also, I noticed when the server thread hangs, it always hangs at some method in net.minecraft.village.PointOfInterestManager
  5. I'm not currently at my computer right now. When I have access to it, I'll post my log and a screenshot of the heap memory monitor from VisualVM.
  6. Features package: https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/paradisemod/-/tree/1.16.5/src/main/java/net/paradisemod/world/gen/features
  7. https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/paradisemod Here is my mod's git repository
  8. Alright I am having a major issue with my custom dimension. Whenever I allow my mod's worldgen features to generate in my dimension (this doesn't happen when I disable them), Minecraft either has a memory leak or the server thread hangs, causing Minecraft to be unresponsive. Biome Provider: https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/paradisemod/-/blob/1.16.5/src/main/java/net/paradisemod/world/dimension/biomeprovider/OWCBiomeProvider.java Chunk Generator: https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/paradisemod/-/blob/1.16.5/src/main/java/net/paradisemod/world/dimension/chunkgen/OWCChunkGenerator.java Dimension JSON: https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/paradisemod/-/blob/1.16.5/src/main/resources/data/paradisemod/dimension/overworld_core.json Dimension Type JSON: https://gitlab.com/NoahJelen/paradisemod/-/blob/1.16.5/src/main/resources/data/paradisemod/dimension_type/overworld_core.json I am at the end of my wits on solving this issue.
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