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  1. when i try to launch it i get this message: "The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/client/model/data/IModelData Exit-Code: -1"
  2. i got mods i wanna play with, they are in the mods folder rn but also i tested it without, it didn't work
  3. Optifine doesnt work, i do not know why. i got only 6 mods, and +1 would be 7, that 1 is optifine, it first doesnt work- i delete optifine and then it does work (new 1.17.1 forge btw) appleskin-forge-mc1.17.1-2.1.0, comforts-forge-1.17.1-, chiselsandbits-1.1.6-RELEASE-universal, DoggyTalents-1.17.1-, [1.17.1] + SecurityCraft+v1.8.23-beta5
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