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  1. thanks, so are those java docs already out of date then ?
  2. I am trying to make a block like so public static final RegistryObject<Block>SILVER_ORE = register("silver_ore", ()-> new Block(Block.Properties.of(Material.METAL) .strength(3.0f, 10.0f) .sound(SoundType.CHAIN) .requiresCorrectToolForDrops() .harvestLevel(3) )); The problem is that the function harvestLevel is undefined for BlockBehaviour.Properties. I have the docs open and I can see that the method is there, however its raising an error in the code docs: (https://nekoyue.github.io/ForgeJavaDocs-NG/javadoc/1.17.1/net/minecraft/world/level/block/state/BlockBehaviour.Properties.html) Anyone know why this is happening ?
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