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  1. Hell nah, I work with Forge 1.12.2 exclusively and dislike the direction microsoft have taken with the game Past that version, I came here to talk with whoever in the community is willing to chat on this topic, I don't care for your remarks of Forge 1.12.2 being a old unsupported version. Everyone says that 'n it's the Least productive remark Anyone could make to it. On Every website I find Just joined this website btw, literally like 5 minutes ago.
  2. Any update on this thread? preferably along forge 1.12.2, I've been trying to do this Exact Thing 'n have been having constant issues, Any ideas? ... This thread is sorta dead but eh, I'm sick of Slamming my fists into my keyboard, with little to-no documentation 'n no idea of how to edit an item stack's use delay
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