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  1. I know. My question was what I should be putting there, because I didn't understand the method properly. Thank you that makes a lot more sense.
  2. If I'm understanding Intellij right it wants an int? It might just be me reading it wrong though. If I am reading it wrong, what actually is that argument for?
  3. I'm attempting to replace grass blocks in a world with a ModBlock I called `scorched_earth`. However, `world.setBlock()` requires a block ID. I've looked for some way to get an ID for the block but can't seem to find any workarounds? Am I just doing it wrong? Example (incomplete) code: private void scorch(World worldIn, BlockPos pos, Block block) { BlockState state = worldIn.getBlockState(pos); if(block.isBurning(state, worldIn, pos)) { if(block.is(Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK)) worldIn.setBlock(pos, state, 0, ModBlocks.SCORCHED_EARTH.get()); } }
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