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  1. Okay so I recreated the server (giving the forge file it's original name) then tried to run it from the command line and it didn't give me an error message but nothing happened
  2. It's still saying that it's unable to access jarfile forge
  3. This is now what shows when I tried to do what they did in the video.
  4. Sorry, I'm still not understanding. What do you mean by run it from the command line?\
  5. There isn't much to show. When I click it it shows it loading it but nothing happens. no applications open or anything.
  6. so you want to see what happens when I try to run it from the forge jar?
  7. I tried to start it from the "forge-1.16.5-36.2.8" file but nothing happened.
  8. I'm running it off of the 1.16.5 forge installer but there isn't a mod folder.
  9. I'm trying to run a modded minecraft server off of forge 1.16.5 and when I load up the server the mods folder never appears.
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