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  1. So i have server on 1.16.5 forge. Ive got all mods in the mods folter and all other important files. The server still runs without the mods.¨What should I do ? Also when we try to play with my friend on hamachi, he kept getting kicked for internal server error. We got same forge, mods. Im using the bat file to run "server.jar" which is minecraft 1.16.5 server. The forgeserver.jar file was made by the forge server installer but cant use it to start server. The server still runs on forge. I can join only with the forge. But I dont know why is it ignoring my mods. Please if you guys know how to fix internal server error or this weird server thing ignoring my mods. Thanks yall (yeah i dont know if i was supposed to put all the modpack files there but probably yes lol) Edit: So I just found out that im really dumb and the server is really working on the 1.16.5 vanilla. HOW am i supposed to change it when the forgeserver.jar doesnt do anything ? Edit number 515: so i somehow managed to make the server start. ill make feedback Edit : 3 so my portfowarding doesnt work smh . Now we are just struggling with the internal server error. BRO how it can be so annoying and everything, im literally doing this for like 8 hours in total
  2. I would just really need how to fix the problem with "internal server error" and i dont really wanna pay for server hosting because its modpack which consumes lot of ram.
  3. Im sure. CurseForge said about all mods that the Game Version was 1.16.5. ITs weird. Now im just struggling with my friends joining on my hamachi server. We all got some internal server error and dont know how to fix it. This is so annoying.
  4. I removed a bunch of mods that said other version than 1.16.5 seems to be working. Still its kinda weird because it clearly said that the "game version" was 1.16.5. Still not happy bout it
  5. https://gist.github.com/LostFresh/ba939c35525541334997c58414623a27 here i hope
  6. Cant post it to pastebin because i need some pro on it cuz its so long or some shit.
  7. Yeah so half of my mod datapacks are marked as red so I cant make world. I cant even turn them off. Im unable to create any world. I have like 128 mods i think Heres mediafire link with debug log and all the mods. https://www.mediafire.com/file/08ixu20czmyzllc/debuglogmods.zip/file
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