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  1. Also you should consider reading the README.txt file (there it explains how to set up the workspace and what to do on specific errors)
  2. First you need to run "gradlew genEclipseRuns" / "gradlew genIntellijRuns" and then "gradlew eclipse" / "gradlew intellij". There isn't a setupdecompworkspace any more
  3. Post the debug.log, because there it always says why the game crashes
  4. You could calculate it from the player's eyePos and his looking angle. I'm pretty sure you can get both on the server. But if you need to do this like every tick it could be resource intensive and lag the game
  5. The better alternative would be to call it on Client and Server, but I don't know how you would achieve that
  6. Hi! Try replacing playerEntity with null, because you're calling the Method on the commandServerWorld, so the Server.
  7. Because I think in the log there was something with 1.12 and 1.12 is not longer supported, only 1.16.5 and 1.17.1
  8. Try removing the Mod flatcoloredblocks: One question: what Minecraft version are you using?
  9. I'll post the crash as soon as I have time (I think Saturday)
  10. Hi! I know Java, but I didn't know what parameters to pass in. I eventually found that out by my own (by looking at ConfigGuiHandler.ConfigGuiFactory) and thanks of your replies (I read them again), but it's very buggy and when I click on "Mods" on the title screen the game crashes
  11. Can you give me an example how to do this?
  12. Now I did this: public class MyClientConfigGuiScreen extends Screen { public MyClientConfigGuiScreen() { super(new TextComponent("My Mod Config")); } } and ModLoadingContext.get().registerExtensionPoint(() -> ConfigGuiHandler.ConfigGuiFactory, MyClientConfigGuiScreen::new (<- Error: "The constructed object of type MyClientConfigGuiScreen is incompatible with the descriptor's return type: T")); but there is an error at MyClientConfigGuiScreen: "The constructed object of type MyClientConfigGuiScreen is incompatible with the descriptor's return type: T"
  13. I know, for "extension" I now need to make a custom screen, right?
  14. Ahh sorry, I was just dumb ModLoadingContext.get().registerExtensionPoint(() -> ConfigGuiHandler.ConfigGuiFactory, extension);
  15. But how should I register it? This gives also an error: "ConfigGuiHandler.ConfigGuiFactory cannot be resolved to a variable"
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