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  1. It seems that optifine only works with forge if you use the preview versions. Make sure that the forge version from the optifine download website matches yours. Otherwise you may need to wait a bit.
  2. Open the run directory and there should be a mods folder. Add the optifine jar in there.
  3. Heres the github repo: https://github.com/F14M3-C/emeraldarmormod
  4. I am experiencing an issue with getting item models to work with my item. Minecraft just doesn't seem to find my item model JSON file. Everything seems to be in their correct file locations. The model file is generated, but I don't think it makes much of a difference. Item Model Generation: https://pastebin.com/W95uhdia Item Model File: https://pastebin.com/ApSHeKxg Logs: https://pastebin.com/UraH6gVq Directory tree (Generated): https://pastebin.com/xK4ju62b Directory tree (Main): https://pastebin.com/xpeUH24P Github repo: https://github.com/F14M3-C/emeraldarmormod SOLVED: I just switched to intellij from eclipse and the item model started working again! Thanks to the people that tried to help me solve my issue!
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