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  1. Ya, seemingly strange enough, it did work before now. I was able to play using SpawnerGUI in older versions (1.4.7 and earlier) without issue. but I'm guessing something updated in either SGUI or MCF that made them completely incompatible
  2. Alright guys, that was the fix. I removed SpawnerGUI, and the other 12 mods I use work just fine. Thanks for the help. I guess Risugami has some work to do for his SpawnerGUI mod to make it more compatible with Forge. So I guess the solution here is just make sure everyone knows SpawnerGUI doesn't work with Forge as of now, eh? lol
  3. So from that understanding, Risugami's mods interfere a bit with Forge's coding then? SpawnerGUI is one of Risugami's mods. Guess I can do without it then, all it does is let me pick up monster spawners and replace them with any Spawn-setting I like.
  4. Hi, I've been using forge for a long time and never had problems until 1.5 and 1.5.1. So I've already strolled through all of my mods, 1 by 1 checking through to see what's updated and what is not. All of my mods are 1.5.1 (double-checked the sites and redownloaded all just in case. Just *re-*downloaded the latest build of MCForge, and I tried some of the mods out with Mod Loader just to try it out. When I use ML, MC loads fine with the ML mods. However, if I use forge I get hung on the "Building Terrain screen". On a side note, my older worlds have "missing" or "mismatched" ID errors when I load using MCForge. I'm not much of a coder or modder myself, so I can't really read the gobbledy-gook in the log lol. But from my main understanding I can see that something corrupted MCF somehow and it decided it doesn't want to work. Other than that, I haven't a clue what's going on, any ideas?
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