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  1. Well this forum has been very useful in telling me that the mods don't read past the first line of your posts. I'm going to leave the forum peacefully but to clear anything up: 1. I initially stated that I was using mcreator, but said that it was just to show my friend how to use it. 2. I then decided to continue my previously created mod that I had made normally (no mcreator involved) using the same idea of a potion that modifies gamma. 3. I was not asking for help with mcreator, I was asking for help with programming java with forge, and if there's a better forum to post questions concerning creating mods with forge, please tell me. Preferably one where mods actually read past the first line of your post before deciding on whether it's an appropriate topic. All the best
  2. Thanks for replying. As I said in my reply to your earlier statement,
  3. I didn't say I was using MCreator.... Indeed in my last post I did state that I was using mcreator because I was showing a friend how to do it, however I then changed my mind and figured that it would be easier to rewrite the code without mcreator. So I am not using mcreator... Does that still invalidate my question? Does the fact that I mentioned mcreator thus ban me from asking any further questions?
  4. Hello! I'm rephrasing my question here since I didn't make it very clear last time. I was wondering what the command (and imports) to adjust the client gamma was for forge 1.17.*, since I've searched through the internet and found nothing useful. I'm making a potion that is intended to adjust the client gamma, although everything I've tried doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm creating a mod in MCreator (controversial I know but there are good reasons), and I'm creating a potion effect that modifies the gamma of the game, however I have no idea of what command I'd use to modify the gamma. I've searched around on the internet but all I can find are guides on how to install other gamma mods or how to modify options.txt. What do I need to do to change the gamma? (Since I'm using mcreator I've located the java files I need to change, and I'm reasonably fluent with java anyway) Thanks in advance! Biran
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