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  1. I don’t disagree with that. But it worked fine for a year and then just stopped. Still using the same modded version. I guess Microsoft changed something.
  2. Yes, I am aware of this, that is why I know it is only modded versions that are no longer blocked. The standard releases are. The modded ones are still tracked but not blocked. I have tried limiting Java, but that has no effect.
  3. Hi. My Son has used Forge 1.8.9 for quite a while now ( at least I believe it has always been a modded version and not standard 1.8.9), and we have never had issues tracking his play time and limiting it through Microsoft Family safety. However, about 3 weeks ago it stopped blocking it when the time limit was up. Still tracks the time, but doesn't block. I am assuming this is not something Forge does knowingly, or am I missing something about potential mods he could have installed? It actually seems to happen with any launcher that has anything additional in the name other that the release version (so forge or any other modded versions) - or perhaps it's just modded versions? Have tried the latest forge to see if that helps, but that just crashes and won't even open. Any ideas?
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