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  1. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sofy333/sofy333/main/debug Thank you! Here's the debug log
  2. I'm seeing debug logs for my other modpacks that work but not of the ones that show up with missing texture blocks. Is there a reason for that? What can I do?
  3. sorry! I completely forgot here. Does this work? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sofy333/sofy333/main/minecraft *just realized these are not the debug logs, im trying to figure out how to find that and ill get back to you
  4. btw i have attempted downloading other modpacks just in case it was a problem with my own computer, but some modpacks worked completely fine and others did a similar thing.
  5. Every time I make a mod pack I will be faced with a red FML loading screen. once i'm in the actual game and have created a new world almost my entire world is filled with black and purple blocks minus from a few mods that appear every once and whether it be a biome or mobs. I have tried to delete and replace different mods but it never seems to work, i have even tried using only one mod in several occasions and it still seems to have this effect. I have tried also using connected textures mod and it was yet again a failure. Even default mine craft blocks are glitched except mobs. what should I do?
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