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  1. I have a forge file which I thought doesn´t work... but I just needed to wait 20 seconds I think sometimes patience is worth it... But I wasted 2 hours for this problem. Thank you for the quick and right answer.
  2. Hello, I decided to start a Minecraft Forge Server with the Crucial 2 Modpack. So I downloaded the server file and followed the readme file. Then I had the first issues: 1. The readme tells me to open the forgeserver.jar which doesn´t exist (there is only the minecraftserver.jar ) 2. Sometimes the server is working but it says Incompatible FML Modded Server but the most time it´s not working and just says Incompatible Vanilla Server and by joining the Server Incomplete set of tags recieved from server (in the second case the server log looks like that: sending a screenshot is hard as f*** but here is a quick copy-paste: [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack mod:decorative_winter [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack mod:screenshotclipboard [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack mod:ferritecore [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack mod:step [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack mod:openloader [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack mod:defaultoptions [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack openloader/data/caverns_n_chasms_compat_data [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack openloader/data/contenttweaker [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack openloader/data/create_compat_data [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack openloader/data/crucial_data_v8 ... [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Missing data pack openloader/data/crucial_worldgen [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Ambiguity between arguments [teleport, destination] and [teleport, targets] with inputs: [Player, 0123, @e, dd12be42-52a9-4a91-a8a1-11c01849e498] [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Ambiguity between arguments [teleport, location] and [teleport, destination] with inputs: [0.1 -0.5 .9, 0 0 0] [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Ambiguity between arguments [teleport, location] and [teleport, targets] with inputs: [0.1 -0.5 .9, 0 0 0] [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Ambiguity between arguments [teleport, targets] and [teleport, destination] with inputs: [Player, 0123, dd12be42-52a9-4a91-a8a1-11c01849e498] [17:46:33] [main/WARN]: Ambiguity between arguments [teleport, targets, location] and [teleport, targets, destination] with inputs: [0.1 -0.5 .9, 0 0 0] [17:46:33] [main/INFO]: Reloading ResourceManager: Default [17:46:34] [Worker-Main-12/INFO]: Loaded 7 recipes [17:46:34] [Worker-Main-12/INFO]: Loaded 927 advancements [17:46:36] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting minecraft server version 1.16.5 [17:46:36] [Server thread/INFO]: Loading properties [17:46:36] [Server thread/INFO]: Default game type: SURVIVAL [17:46:36] [Server thread/INFO]: Generating keypair [17:46:36] [Server console handler/ERROR]: Exception handling console input java.io.IOException: The handle is invalid (yes, I redownloaded it and also tryed older versions) I hope thats enough for you and you can help me
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