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  1. I'm wondering how to go about creating a block that is essentially an Ender Chest (its contents are the same regardless of which chest you check), but where any player in that world can see the contents of the Ender Chest. I was thinking of modifying the saved data for a world, but I'm struggling to understand how that even works. Are there any tutorials out there on tools I can use to work on this sort of problem? EDIT: I just found this post: is this about what I should be looking at for 1.16.5?
  2. Hi! I was following this tutorial on how to set up a Forge mod. The MDK that I downloaded and set up in Intellij compiled fine, so I wanted to try adding an item to the game to make sure it would work. I tried following the code here but my Intellij couldn't find a number of those symbols, like net.minecraft.item.Item, ItemGroup, and net.minecraftforge.fml.RegistryObject. So instead I tried using the code from within the same tutorial here, but I wasn't able to figure out how to import AbstractBlock. I was thinking this had something to do with the mappings I was using, but I tried using the official Mojang mappings as well as the snapshot ones described in the Forge tutorial, and I was getting this problem regardless. Is there something I'm missing in terms of setup here?
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