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  1. Nope its good but now for the entity when I do entitylightingbolt its red.
  2. No finally I found it but what is like the Items.armor for the vanillas armor
  3. yeah but in Intellij IDEA its red and it saying "cannot resolve method 'setItemSlot' in PlayerEntity
  4. So if I want to do it on a player i do this? LivingEntity playerLive = (LivingEntity) event.getPlayer(); playerLive.setItemSlot(the params); ?
  5. Yes but like if I have a good docs it will definitly help me but I do not find a good one
  6. Sorry but can you show me this in a code example because I dont really understand
  7. Hello everybody, I'm new to minecraft modding and I need help for something. How can I equip an armor piece on a player and how can I summon an entity pls? Thank you
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