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  1. I want to do that in the blocks use method, so I have the parameters BlockState, Level, BlockPos, Player, InteractionHand and BlockHitResult.
  2. I did a google search, but could only find posts from 2016 and earlier. They suggested using @Override public void addInformation(ItemStack itemstack, World world, List<ITextComponent> list, ITooltipFlag flag) { super.addInformation(itemstack, world, list, flag); list.add(new StringTextComponent("lore")); } but in my custom item class, which extends Item, addInformation doesn't override any methods. Is this outdated or am I just using it the wrong way? Solution: @Override public void appendHoverText(ItemStack pStack, @Nullable Level pLevel, List<Component> pTooltipComponents, TooltipFlag pIsAdvanced) { pTooltipComponents.add(new TextComponent("lore")); super.appendHoverText(pStack, pLevel, pTooltipComponents, pIsAdvanced); }
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