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  1. Hi, I tried to add a use() method to my custom block, that should change a BlockState value; I tried to do it using BlockState.setValue(), however that didn't do anything. I thought this was due to setValue() only returning a changed BlockState, not changing it directly, so I tried sth. like state = state.setValue(); however that still didn't accomplish anything. I'm wondering, whether I'm doing sth. obvious wrong or do I need to use a different method? Class in question: https://github.com/Kiwilis/simple-automation/blob/main/src/main/java/kiwilis/simpleautomation/common/block/CaoutchoucDrain.java
  2. But why can't it find vanilla textures like "minecraft:textures/blocks/jungle_log.png"?
  3. Hi there, I tried to add a two custom block models for my modded block, but Minecraft fails to load all textures defined in the models. [17:57:13] [Worker-Main-6/WARN]: Unable to load model: 'simple_automation:caoutchouc_drain#inventory' referenced from: simple_automation:caoutchouc_drain#inventory: java.io.FileNotFoundException: simple_automation:models/item/caoutchouc_drain.json [17:57:14] [Worker-Main-10/ERROR]: Using missing texture, unable to load simple_automation:textures/blocks/caoutchouc_drain_bottle_top.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: simple_automation:textures/blocks/caoutchouc_drain_bottle_top.png [17:57:14] [Worker-Main-7/ERROR]: Using missing texture, unable to load minecraft:textures/blocks/jungle_log.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: minecraft:textures/blocks/jungle_log.png [17:57:14] [Worker-Main-8/ERROR]: Using missing texture, unable to load minecraft:textures/blocks/glass.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: minecraft:textures/blocks/glass.png Log: https://www.toptal.com/developers/hastebin/qipofatequ.yaml Model 1: https://github.com/Kiwilis/simple-automation/blob/main/src/main/resources/assets/simple_automation/models/block/caoutchouc_drain_with_bottle.json Model 2: https://github.com/Kiwilis/simple-automation/blob/main/src/main/resources/assets/simple_automation/models/block/caoutchouc_drain_without_bottle.json
  4. Hi, I'm trying to add a block with a custom model and hitbox, that can face in any horizontal direction, because of that I need a VoxelShape for each direction. Now my question is, do I have to define each VoxelShape by hand or is there a function to rotate a VoxelShape?
  5. When I try @Override getState() I get this error: "error: getShape(BlockState,BlockGetter,BlockPos,CollisionContext) in CaoutchoucDrain cannot override getShape(BlockState,BlockGetter,BlockPos,CollisionContext) in BlockBehaviour".
  6. Set a custom hitbox for my block, but what class needs to call the function and what schould be the parameters. I tried to look into the minecraft code for an example of the method being called there, but couldn't find one.
  7. HI, I've added a block with a custom block model, but I just realized that you need to add a custom hitbox as well, for things like lighting to work properly.
  8. Hello, I'm using the Forge 37.0.126 MDK with eclipse and GitHub Desktop. And sth. keeps generating a .gitignore file in bin/main, that I don't want there. What program generates it and how can I disable it?
  9. What should you set the Ingredient parameter of SimpleCookingRecipeBuilder.cooking() to?
  10. Hi, I wanted to add a smelting recipe, where you would put a filled bottle in the ingredient slot and when the smelting is complete you would receive an item in the result slot and an empty bottle would remain in the ingredient slot, however I couldn't find any good resources elsewhere on how to add a recipe like this.
  11. The CreativeModeTabs require an index number, what should I set this to, to prevent overlaps with other mods?
  12. Actually can't find the the temGroup class. What's the import path?
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