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  1. I should override MinecartItem, alright?
  2. Yes I have, maybe if you ask this question then you mean I should use MinecartItem. But it requires AbstractMinecart.Type and because of it I can't use it, if I use Type.FURNACE_MINECART then my item will connects to vanilla furnace_minecart, not my custom one. Maybe then I should ask "what should I do to have MinecartItem useful for me?", maybe I can use it, but do not know how. Thanks in advance.
  3. My entity class extends AbstractMinecart and code in it is almost equal to FurnaceMinecart class. public class Minecart_new extends AbstractMinecart { private static final EntityDataAccessor<Boolean> DATA_ID_FUEL = SynchedEntityData.defineId(MinecartFurnace.class, EntityDataSerializers.BOOLEAN); private int fuel; public double xPush; public double zPush; private static final Ingredient INGREDIENT = Ingredient.of(Items.APPLE, Items.CHARCOAL); public Minecart_new(EntityType<? extends Minecart_new> p_38552_, Level p_38553_) { super(p_38552_, p_38553_); } public AbstractMinecart.Type getMinecartType() { return AbstractMinecart.Type.FURNACE; } @Override protected void defineSynchedData() { super.defineSynchedData(); this.entityData.define(DATA_ID_FUEL, false); } @Override public void tick() { super.tick(); if (!this.level.isClientSide()) { if (this.fuel > 0) { --this.fuel; } if (this.fuel <= 0) { xPush = 0.0D; zPush = 0.0D; } this.setHasFuel(this.fuel > 0); } if (this.hasFuel() && this.random.nextInt(4) == 0) { this.level.addParticle(ParticleTypes.LARGE_SMOKE, this.getX(), this.getY() + 0.8D, this.getZ(), 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D); } } @Override protected double getMaxSpeed() { return (this.isInWater() ? 3.0D : 4.0D) / 20.0D; } @Override public float getMaxCartSpeedOnRail() { return 0.2f; } @Override public void destroy(DamageSource p_38560_) { super.destroy(p_38560_); if (!p_38560_.isExplosion() && this.level.getGameRules().getBoolean(GameRules.RULE_DOENTITYDROPS)) { this.spawnAtLocation(Blocks.FURNACE); } } @Override protected void moveAlongTrack(BlockPos p_38569_, BlockState p_38570_) { super.moveAlongTrack(p_38569_, p_38570_); Vec3 vec3 = this.getDeltaMovement(); double d2 = vec3.horizontalDistanceSqr(); double d3 = this.xPush * this.xPush + this.zPush * this.zPush; if (d3 > 1.0E-4D && d2 > 0.001D) { double d4 = Math.sqrt(d2); double d5 = Math.sqrt(d3); this.xPush = vec3.x / d4 * d5; this.zPush = vec3.z / d4 * d5; } } @Override protected void applyNaturalSlowdown() { double d0 = this.xPush * this.xPush + this.zPush * this.zPush; if (d0 > 1.0E-7D) { d0 = Math.sqrt(d0); this.xPush /= d0; this.zPush /= d0; Vec3 vec3 = this.getDeltaMovement().multiply(0.8D, 0.0D, 0.8D).add(this.xPush, 0.0D, this.zPush); if (this.isInWater()) { vec3 = vec3.scale(0.1D); } this.setDeltaMovement(vec3); } else { this.setDeltaMovement(this.getDeltaMovement().multiply(0.98D, 0.0D, 0.98D)); } super.applyNaturalSlowdown(); } @Override public InteractionResult interact(Player p_38562_, InteractionHand p_38563_) { InteractionResult ret = super.interact(p_38562_, p_38563_); if (ret.consumesAction()) return ret; ItemStack itemstack = p_38562_.getItemInHand(p_38563_); if (INGREDIENT.test(itemstack) && this.fuel+ 3600 <= 32000) { if (!p_38562_.getAbilities().instabuild) { itemstack.shrink(1); } this.fuel += 3600; } if (this.fuel > 0) { this.xPush = -(this.getX() - p_38562_.getX()); this.zPush = -(this.getZ() - p_38562_.getZ()); } return InteractionResult.sidedSuccess(this.level.isClientSide); } @Override protected void addAdditionalSaveData(CompoundTag p_38567_) { super.addAdditionalSaveData(p_38567_); p_38567_.putDouble("PushX", this.xPush); p_38567_.putDouble("PushZ", this.zPush); p_38567_.putShort("Fuel", (short)this.fuel); } @Override protected void readAdditionalSaveData(CompoundTag p_38565_) { super.readAdditionalSaveData(p_38565_); this.xPush = p_38565_.getDouble("PushX"); this.zPush = p_38565_.getDouble("PushZ"); this.fuel = p_38565_.getShort("Fuel"); } protected boolean hasFuel() { return this.entityData.get(DATA_ID_FUEL); } protected void setHasFuel(boolean p_38577_) { this.entityData.set(DATA_ID_FUEL, p_38577_); } @Override public BlockState getDefaultDisplayBlockState() { return Blocks.FURNACE.defaultBlockState().setValue(FurnaceBlock.FACING, Direction.NORTH).setValue(FurnaceBlock.LIT, Boolean.valueOf(this.hasFuel())); } ///////// @Override public ItemStack getPickResult() { Item item = ItemInit.MINECARTNEW_ITEM.get(); return new ItemStack(item); } } Registration of entity. public class EntityInit { private EntityInit() {} public static final DeferredRegister<EntityType<?>> ENTITIES = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.ENTITIES, minecart.MOD_ID); public static final RegistryObject<EntityType<Minecart_new>> MINECART_ENTITY = ENTITIES.register("minecart_new", () -> EntityType.Builder.of(Minecart_new::new, MobCategory.MISC).sized(0.98F, 0.7F) .build(new ResourceLocation(minecart.MOD_ID,"minecart_new").toString())); }
  4. Hi. I have a custom entity minecart_new and I can summon it in minecraft by typing /summon minecart:minecart_new. How can I imitate this command via forge? What code should I write? In minecraft I want it to be as follows: when player right click on custom item then command /summon minecart:minecart_new should be imitated. So my code now is @SubscribeEvent public void minecartItemRightClick(RightClickItem event) { if (event.getItemStack().getItem() == ItemInit.MINECARTNEW_ITEM.get()) { //imitate /summon minecart:minecart_new } } Event hooking works fine I think. What should I type instead of //imitate /summon minecart:minecart_new? Thanks in advance!
  5. Well, tbh I do not understand what does it mean. Yeah, there is vanilla class MinecartItem and it is used to connect vanilla items to vanilla carts) All of these I've said in P.S. It's impossible to use MinecartItem in my situation, because it requires AbstractMinecart.Type as the first parameter. If I type e.g. AbstractMinecart.Type.FURNACE then item which was registered via MinecartItem will be connected to vanilla furnace_minecrat, not my custom cart. If I'm not right and you know the way to reach my goals using MinecartItem, could you please share this way?)
  6. Damn, may be it's possible somehow to create item and add to it "if (right click with this item on to rails) then imitate /summon minecart_new" or smth like this? It sounds to me as possible and not dumb way to reach my goals... Could you please share your thoughts about it?) Maybe this is a good option?
  7. Hi. My goal was to create minecart very similar to Furnace_Minecart, but with small property differences, e.g. changing INGREDIENT.COAL to INGREDIENT.APPLE, nevermind. On the first try I've created new class MinecartNew extends MinecartFurnace (which extends AbstractMinecart). So I've registered this new Entity, I have registered Renderer for it and in minecraft I had two practically equal minecart_furnace versions. Then I was able to change my vehicle speed by overriding "public float getMaxCartSpeedOnRail()". At that moment in minecraft I had vanilla minecart_furnace and my vehicle with greater speed and same textures as vanilla one. But I have no idea how to change INGREDIENT.COAL to INGREDIENT.APPLE, because this field is private in MinecartFurnace. To avoid it I changed my new class "MinecartNew extends MinecartFurnace" to "MinecartNew extends AbstractMinecart", copy paste there everything which was in MinecartFurnace and now I can change INGREDIENT without any problem. I can /summon my new entity in minecraft now and I can change its properties as I want. The problem is "how to create item which will be connected to my entity?". I do not want to type /summon to interact with my vehicle every time of course, I want to use item to do it. Well, I know how to create simple Block and connect it to my custom item, there is no issues. But how to create item and then connect it to entity... So that is my question. Thanks in advance! //P.S. I've tried to look at the vanilla minecarts code and how do they connects to items and it works with special class MinecartItem which requires AbstractMinecart.Type and item.Properties. There is no issues with Item.Properties, but there is problem with AbstractMinecart.Type. Type can be FURNACE, HOPPER, TNT, etc. I can not create new Type, because it is "public static enum Type" in AbstractMinecart. And if I use FURNACE type then of course my item will be registered to vanilla furnace_minecart, not to my new minecart //P.P.S If you know that my sequencing isn't right at all, may be my MinecartNew class should not extends AbstractMinecart or something like this - I'll be glad to receive your advises how to solve my problems
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