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  1. Hello I've wanted to see if new forge is working for me and it doesn't. I am getting error: This is happen when i tried to run it on Java Dev Kit 16/17: "[E] WARNING: Unknown module: cpw.mods.securejarhandler specified to --add-exports [E] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.module.FindException: Module org.objectweb.asm.commons not found, required by org.openjdk.nashorn [E] at java.base/java.lang.module.Resolver.findFail(Resolver.java:893) [E] at java.base/java.lang.module.Resolver.resolve(Resolver.java:192) [E] at java.base/java.lang.module.Resolver.resolve(Resolver.java:141) [E] at java.base/java.lang.module.Configuration.resolveAndBind(Configuration.java:492) [E] at java.base/java.lang.module.Configuration.resolveAndBind(Configuration.java:298) [E] at cpw.mods.bootstraplauncher.BootstrapLauncher.main(BootstrapLauncher.java:83) [E] " When i try to lunch it on Java runtime 7/8: "[E] Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. [E] Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. [E] Unrecognized option: -p [E]" I've tried to reinstall multiple java versions, re-downloading minecraft, changing lunching arguments, multiple forge versions for that minecraft version. Nothing works. Can someone point me what i could do make it work? Thanks for help in advance.
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